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Lighting Enhancements

Have your guests walk in the room and say, "WOW!" Let our team help create an incredible room design and bring your vision to life by including one or more of our lighting enhancement packages. 

Up Lighting

Up lighting can easily transform a reception room from simple to spectacular! They can also enhance and highlight unique features inside a venue or on the exterior of the building that already exist. Empty walls, columns, drapes, trees, hedges, entrance ways, and hallways all look extraordinarily more elegant when you add up lighting. 

Unlike many other entertainment companies, our up lights have a clean, modern cylinder design with a white covering. There are no controls or antennas in view from your guests' perspective. The battery life lasts longer than most other brands allowing us to produce longer receptions and events.


Each light is individually controlled wirelessly and has a bright, homogenous color rendering allowing us to produce a wide range of colors to match your theme. When the dancing starts, our programmed controller can have the lights changing the entire room into a multi-color light show with strobing effects.

Moving Head Intelligent Lighting

The staple fixture for any lightshow; "intelligent" moving heads offer complete computerized control over color, pattern, effect, and movement. Standard event light shows typically come in groupings of four, six, or eight fixtures but we can add as many as you can imagine to any event. Typical truss configurations consist of the popular truss upright: each fixture on top of a vertical truss column (sometimes lit internally or wrapped in fabric) or straight box truss on crank stands. However, we can customize your truss to suit your needs - truss T's, truss arches or goal posts, full box truss architecture around the dancefloor; if you can dream it, it can be done! Sometimes we will also integrate lighting into scenery or setpieces to achieve a themed look or rig to a structure (where permittable) if floorspace or aesthetics are a concern.

Our lighting technicians can produce a club-like experience with an intelligent lighting package and a professionally programmed light show.

Gobo Lighting

Imagine on your wedding day, your guests enter the reception room and the first thing they notice are your names and date surrounded by an elegant pattern being projected onto a wall or the center of the dance floor shining bright!


A Gobo can be any projected pattern, texture, name, monogram, graphic, image, or corporate logo. We utilize gobos in static fixtures to create an any image or logo. Basic patterns are cut into metal or for more complex black and white or color images, we fuze the pattern into glass with a process called dichroics. We will gladly consult with you about the use of patterns for your event. We can produce gobos from your artwork or assist in designing a pattern for you. For weddings, we have our top choices and most-popular selections already narrowed down to make your decision easier.

For Halloween events or Holiday parties we have special designs that fit these themes, such as pumpkins or snowflakes, to enhance your event space. 

Lekos and Textured Pattern Lighting

We can help design an elegant look for your venue with textured wash patterns to enhance the rooms ceiling, walls, flooring, or tent structure. 


These fixtures are great for creating stunning visuals of texture and color. We will work with you to realize your vision and bring your event's theme to life. Typically, we will mount these fixtures to vertical pipe and base discretely located throughout the venue and dress in fabric. Power and dimming requirements should be taken into consideration when planning a lighting scheme utilizing conventional lighting. We can help you with this design every step of the way. Scheduling a walk-through prior to the event is highly recommended for this type of feature. 

Textured wash and pattern lighting is the perfect edition to enhance your wedding, corporate, or private event.

Table & Floral Pinspotting

Highlight your center pieces, wedding cake, or table displays with our sleek wireless pinspots.  

Make your floral or decorative centerpieces come to life with discretely placed accent lighting. Our standard table pinspots come tastefully arrayed and neatly displayed in a group of 6.


Typically, we will mount the assembly to vertical pipe and base dressed in fabric. For activations where a standard installation won't work, we also offer a true white wireless LED pinspot fixture built into a sleek round housing that can be attached magnetically to any metal surface.

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