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Special Effects

Go outside the box and add the "Wow Factor" to your event. Whether it's a magical grand entrance, special dance, an immersive experience, or a high-energy reveal, our effect specialists will help you to integrate the perfect effect to dazzle and excite your guests with a truly memorable experience.  

Cold Sparkular Effect

Cool to the touch and safe to use indoors, Sparkulars mimic a pyrotechnic effect safely shooting bright sparks into the air on demand. Commonly booked for wedding intros, special dances, grand finales, product launches, and keynote speaker introductions.

"Dancing on the Clouds"

Imagine a newlywed couple coming together as a gentle white cloud of fog drifts across the dance floor!  This creates a magical moment where it looks and feels like your "Dancing on the Clouds" !! 


This beautiful effect is a dry ice effect so it is safe and will not set off the venue’s smoke alarms. The smoke plume hangs low to the floor giving the magical appearance that you are dancing on the clouds.

Cryo Effects and Confetti

A high powered liquid carbon dioxide jeteffect that emits a large plume of cold white ordorless smoke. An extreme impact, these cryo effects really get your crowd going! This effect is safe to use indoors and outdoors and it will not set off your smoke alarms as it produces no actual smoke or residue. We have single cryo jets as well as cryo guns that can be controlled by the

DJ or Emcee and shoot over the dance floor.


Available in a variety of colors or materials, the confetti cannons can be loaded with either free fall style confetti or streamers or both.  Perfect for concerts, award shows, sporting events, product launches and more.

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